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New Farmer Training Program - Term 3

Welcome to Term 3 of the New Farmer Training Progam!


This term builds on the basics of the first 2 terms, focusing on skill building for a specialized farm. Term 3 includes 6 workshops, 6 half day Field Days, and 2 Farm Tour Workshop days.


All events in Term 3 are on Wednesdays.  See individual Field Days for specific timing.  There will be 1.5hrs for lunch and travel to the next location. The workshop days run from 9-4:30pm with a 1.5 hr break for lunch. Bring a bag lunch to eat with the farm staff, picnic outside, or drive to nearby restaurants. There may be an optional work-bee.  You will be notified ahead of time about the nature of the task.


Unless otherwise specified, all sessions take place in Room 236 of the Orchard Park Office Centre, on the Ignatius Farm property in Guelph.


From the list below, you can select individual workshops or field days, or you can opt to sign up for the full term. If you are an EFAO member, make sure you've signed into your account before registering so you can access the member discount.


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Full Term
Field Day 1 - TBA
Field Day 2 - TBA
Farm Tour Workshop: Getting to Know Biodynamics at Fiddle Foot Farm
September 9, 9:00-4:00pm 796530 3rd Line EHS, Mulmur. Tour of the farm, followed by a workshop about Biodynamic agriculture. Fiddle Foot is a biodynamic farm that grows a wide variety of vegetables and raises livestock for fertility and home use.
Preserving the Harvest
Sept 16, 9-12pm Learn how to can, freeze, and dehydrate your vegetables in order to have them ready to eat even when they are no longer growing in the ground. We will also discuss regulations around selling prepared foods.
Understanding, Making and Using Compost and Compost Tea
Sept 16, 1:30-4:30pm Compost is a great way to boost your soil health. Compost can also be turned into a tea and applied to crops to help with growth or manage pests and diseases. Learn how to make great compost and make and use compost teas.
Field Day: Winter CSAs and Root Vegetable Storage at Green Being Farm
Sep 23, 9-12pm. 221788 Concession #14, RR#1 Neustadt. Farm tour & short workshop about winter CSAs. See their innovative root cellar. Green Being also raises outdoor pastured animals including Katahdin sheep, Berkshire pigs, and heritage birds.
Field Day: Raising Sheep for Dairy and Fibre at All Sorts Acres
Sept 23, 1:30-4:30pm. 312088 Highway 6, Ayton. Learn first-hand about keeping sheep for fibre and dairy production. Jennifer and Tim at All Sorts Acres practice whole animal farming which means each animal serves many functions on the farm.
Institutional Food Procurement
Sept 30, 9-12pm. This workshop will discuss the procurement of food for institutions and wholesale distribution. We will explore how distributors and institutions choose the farms they work with and what are some of the challenges they face.
Food Security in Guelph
Sept 30, 1:30-5:00pm 10C, 42 Carden St, Guelph. Hear from a few organizations about the innovative and inspiring work being done in Guelph and how these organizations impact food security. Donations welcome.
Farm Tour Workshop: Artisanal Livestock at Meeting Place Farm
Tour of the farm followed by a short workshop about artisanal meat production. We will also have a discussion with past CRAFT interns about what steps they took after their internships and where they are now in their farm journeys.
Field Day: Growing Crops for Seed Production at Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds
Oct 21, 9-12pm. 5961 5th Line Palmerston. Hawthorn produces certified organic farm selected, open-pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds in Central Ontario. Get an in-depth look at their processes and systems for growing crops for seed.
Field Day: Homesteading at Spring Hill Farm
Oct 21, 1:30-4:30pm. 296 Field Road, Mildmay. Meet their small flock of meat goats, chickens, Berkshire sows, cows, ducks and geese. Learn about the new spelt crop they are trialling, plus a short workshop and discussion about homesteading.
Intro to Seed Saving
Oct 28, 9-12pm. This workshop will give you tips on easy beginner crops for seed production, tips to minimize cross pollination, number of plants needed to maintain genetic viability and varietal strength as well as how to collect, clean and store seed.
Field Design and Crop Planning
Oct 28, 1:30-4:30pm. Field layout, crop selection, how much to grow, and how to stagger plantings throughout the season. This workshop will give you tools and ideas to use when planning your field design and vegetable crop plan.

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